The Evolution

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Quadricycle to Qute!

From the very primitive version of a quadricycle that was merely an improved form of a carriage with 4-wheel sand was moved on paddles. As evolution took its toll, in 1893 learning from the complexities of a steam engine and built from a single-cylinder engine was one of the very initial versions of a quadricycle.

With open parts and a large flywheel that was removed from a lathe, this simple motorized vehicle was the beginning of a new era of technological innovations. Later, with an idea of producing a motor vehicle, a horizontal twin-cylinder engine was attached for the supply side, that drew to the mechanized touch to the vehicle.

As the usage grew and so did the demand.

Quads were demanded as a commercialized vehicle for tourist rentals, golf carts, and military equipment carrier and also in industries to carry in-house loads. Being motorized with open doors and no windows it was simple yet an effective helping hand.

Evolution has brought his simple yet effective machine and shaped it as per our modern requirements.

The demand for a more sustainable public mode of transport gave a new version of an eco-friendly quadricycle, Qute. Currently, this is the form of quadricycle we know today.

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