Qute- History & Background

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Bajaj Auto is the world’s third-largest manufacturer in the world and a leader in the first & last mile transportation. A manufacturer of autos, scooters, and bikes, Bajaj Auto is an eminent name in the India urban transportation system. The vision is to make transportation easier for almost 100 million people who travel every day. They are world leaders in low-cost public service vehicles, which happen to be on 3-wheels. Auto-Rickshaws with low mass, adequate power, low emission and high mileage and max speed of 65 kmph are a success on roads already.

Bajaj Auto always believes in creating a market and not just merely serving it. Keeping this in mind the idea of a four- wheeled vehicle was initiated. The growing need to address the rising traffic and congestion problems on roads gave rise to an entirely new market segment. Then harnessing the in-house technological expertise, they came up with the concept of an innovative and affordable solution i.eQute, the quadricycle.

With Qute, it is the best of both worlds. Combining the comfort, safety and handling of a car while the maneuverabilityand economic benefits of a three-wheeler; Qute is the next step towards Indian public transportation system. It is a new category of affordable quadricycles, which are smaller, lighter and more compact than an average small car. Also, this quadricycle has fuel-efficiency that is 61% more than a car andarestricted speed limit of up to 70kmph.  A vehicle that is smart and promoting sustainability is what India needs. By emitting just 66.16 g/km Qute has almost 37% less carbon emission as compared to a car. Powered by ideas like fuel injection, water cooling, and triple spark DTS-i (patented) ignition. It’s a better option for our congested cities roads.

Revolutionizing the conventional mode of urban public transport this quadricycle is an apt solution for the urban populated roads. With a limited speed, safety of the passengersas well as the pedestrians, cyclists and other two wheelers is taken care of. It is the next step towards making the roads cleaner, safer and chaos free.

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    Bring back the glory ‘Hamara Bajaj” Buland Bharat ki Buland Taswir!!!

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