Speed thrills but kills!

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The L7e category of quadricycles, are designed to have a restricted maximum speed ≤ 85 km/h and an enclosed passenger compartment. The vehicle mass of a quadricycle is almost 40% lower than a typical small car. The combination of limited … Continued

Light Weight and nimble!

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Le7 category Quadricycles are defined by restricted weight that is not more than 450kg, excluding the mass of the batteries in case of electric vehicles. Restricted weight helps in the following ways: Less weight results in less impact on collision … Continued

Qute- Time for a comfortable ride home.

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This compact, green vehicle for Indian roads by Bajaj is the answer to the rising urban Indian commute problems. Manoeuvring its way through, this is the perfect vehicle for intracity commute. Qute is the ultimate motorized quadricycle for public transportation. … Continued

Nothing can stop the Qute now.

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When you try to do something different, there are a thousand “No”s for every step forward. Qute’s story is not very different. “Qute’s not a safe car!” First of all, a car? Qute is not a car. It is a … Continued

The Qute way to zip through urban traffic.

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It’s a very familiar city-scene. The roads are jam-packed and the incessant honking is enough to drive anyone insane. If that isn’t enough, while impatient commuters sit in big fancy cars, pollution smothers everyone in with an impartial and holy glee! … Continued

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