It’s an auto rickshaw… It’s a car… No, it’s the new Bajaj Qute!

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The city roads are shrinking; the vehicles are multiplying. Urbanisation is a growing phenomenon, cities bursting at their seams is a spreading concern. Confusion, chaos, and what an opportunity to prove that survival is always of the fittest!

So, as the resourceful Indian, we rose to the challenge. However, while wheels and roads were something we knew a fair bit about, we realised a mere ‘new launch’ wouldn’t do. In keeping with the spirit of the Smart City climate, it had to be nothing short of an evo-revolution. The result is now in front of you – the all new Bajaj Qute.

Our big idea was to think simple. Space being a constraint, the wheels on the road needed to be first and foremost agile and compact enough to squeeze through city traffic as well as into humble parking spots. Also, there was no point in reinventing the wheel; the Indian auto rickshaw had already built for itself a reputation for meeting the challenges of city-traffic. The Qute began here no doubt, but it is not a simple upgrade.

This is a four wheeler and is in a category by itself. Not a ‘tuk-tuk’, not a car, it is actually a quadricycle that is lightweight, compact and has the great ability to weave in and out of traffic with ease. In other words, it has all the abilities of a three-wheeler, but dramatically outsmarts it in all aspects. This includes the ergonomic seats to give the driver a high level of driving comfort and the closed structure to protect the passengers from dust, pollution and thefts. Not to mention, the series of durability tests it has cleared to prove that it can survive on Indian city roads.

In all, Qute is as much about an innovative design on wheels as being a perspective that understands urban transport needs without belittling its challenges. It is certainly a viable solution to our traffic issues, as well as a clever approach to compliment the very spirit of modern urbanisation.

Ready for your ride?

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17 Responses

  1. Deepak Vatsa

    If I can use it for myself as a personal transport, I will definitely consider it, rather than buying a big scooter.

  2. I like what I read…let’s see if it can walk the talk…. :)

  3. Pristin P Prince

    Wonderful innovation and above all our own creation “Made in India”…It’s sad that QUTE is trapped…This is one of the best innovations that can actually replace the never safe ricks…Let the QUTE add more beauty to our Cute country..!! #FreeTheQute

    I would also like to mention my keen interest to become to join the dealers chain and personally promote QUTE’s welcome onto the Indian roads.

  4. It’s about time we start looking at alternate yet smart designs to solve the ever increasing problems of daily commute. Most cars are driven around with a single occupant majority of the times, adding to the already choke-a-block traffic. A smart and safe vehicle with a small foot print is definitely the need of the hour. Kudos to Bajaj for a step in the right direction.

  5. Rohan Anoop Rebello

    If our Govt says this car is not safe? – Then all the auto rickshaws must banned!!!!!!!! Khem cho Mota bhai??? plz plz plz make this qutest qute to come our Indian roads. Excellent reviews worldwide. Will love to make it my FIRST CAR. Amazing videos….a very practical car…Excellent Safety features.

  6. Mohammed Ghouse

    if this comes on the road, it would be great help for us… keep moving on bikes causing us backpains…
    i personally promote QUTE’s welcome….

  7. It must be allowed to be sold in Indian market…. Can be a useful toy for day to day use for office goers…

  8. Looks Good , Cute as name but only drawback will be the space, rather it can be safe as compared with 2 wheelers and 3 wheel autos.
    Price ? plays a big role and if its near 3 lac segment to be lauunched than should be less than 2 lacs

  9. George Mathew

    What are the specs? The car looks great from the outside. However, what will finally determine its success is what it has on the inside. As long as it has good space, comfort, fuel economy, readily and cheaply available spares, I think it would sell well. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing it on Indian roads and taking a test drive. With the rising temperatures, I would likean AC too and an audio system for a longer drive.

  10. Nimesh Rakshit

    Its a marvel on the Indian road. If all the claims are found to be true not only in words but also in actions then I am sure it will be a big hit on the roads. I am just waiting to free the QUTE.

  11. I m eagerly waiting for the Qute’s launch….

    Requesting Bajaj company to update us on every latest developments.

  12. Raboana Alan Jacques

    Qute is okey for city driving, parking and economical concern especially for Madagascar in order to reform the transportation system. An optional radio taxi might be suitable for it for any passengers whom need a secured vehicle. A wonderful spacious mini vehicle of the future designed and buided for a people moving on a traffic from a sub-urban to city comfortably. I hope a success for Bajaj

  13. It was ready long ago to launch but due to political constraints not able to launch.

  14. I have read so many articles about the blogger lovers however this article is in fact a fastidious paragraph, keep it up.

  15. venkateswarlu poondla

    nice to know about qute.. when you are going to launch this machine.. is it having an AC.. with seating capacity of 4 much is the boot capacity..I can sell away my motor cycle and go for this..what will be the cost of this car

  16. This is really a great move to provide simplicity, convenience, in-budget, needed safety n protection on road.
    If in India whole family could travel on a two wheeler then why not in such a smart 4-wheeler? We can n we should.
    I’m too much eager for the launch of Qute and willing to buy it soonest!
    It’s going to solve my families problems of having a better option than the two wheeler and less complicated than a costly four wheeler car.

  17. A great product from Bajaj. I truly recommend it.

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