If 20 countries have accepted it, what is stopping India?

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“We wish to gain something that we lack, and not value what is with us already!”

Likewise with Bajaj Qute…

It is an Indian innovation and is being exported to almost 17 countries around the globe. Countries like Turkey, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Russia, Colombia, Peru, Kenya and Indonesia have supported and accepted it with open arms.

This leaves us with one big question —what is stopping this Indian innovation to be launched in India?

First, let’s go through this Indian quadricycle. Meant for the intra-city public commute, Qute is an evolved version of a three-wheeler. It is powered by a 216 cc 4-valve fuel injected mill producing 13.2 PS of maximum power. Also, shelved with a lightweight body, it weighs less than 450kg. The maximum speed it can go up to is of 70kmph and is available in CNG and LPG versions.

This green quadricycle emits just 66gms of CO2 for every kilometre.  A small and compact structure further makes it an apt vehicle for Indian urban roads. Also, owing to its light body structure, it is not only safe for the ones inside the vehicle, but also for the pedestrians on roads. How?  In case of a collision, it protects both the passengers as well as the ones on the road.

Inspite of having so many plus points, India is still contemplating on having Qute on its roads.

The decision from the supreme court is pending, on account of the safety concerns raised against Qute, where it scored 1 star in the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) safety test. On the other hand, it has been approved by the European Union and has received the European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) certification, which is one of the strictest safety norm tests in the world.

Another question of concern being raised in India is that it will be a competition for the auto-rickshaw business.

If that is so, Bajaj Qute is for the greater good of the nation. A greener solution meant for public travelling, this vehicle will add to the business of the drivers. They can promote themselves to Qute and earn an extra income. Also with four wheels, safety belts, controlled speed, doors and windows, Qute adds to the personal safety of the traveller.

It’s the next step towards the evolution of India as a nation, the problem only lies in the perception.

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