Different Names

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Vehicle with many names

A thought-provoking questionthat we may ask ourselves with this growing buzz around town,
What is a Quadricycle?
Is it a Quad or Quadracycle?
What is the correct way to pronounce it?

It is okay if you think so, when Quad is the Question, the answer is Qute.
People call it by different names across the globe; names like Quadricycle, Quadracycle, Quadcycle, Quadrocycle and Quad, all are just terms used to refer to one class of vehicle – quadricycles. In India the quadricycle is synonymous with the first vehicle of its class from Bajaj – the Qute.

The all new Bajaj Qute is the answer to all the doubts people have about a quadricycle.
Quadricycle is not something new; it has been here since ages, with the first quad launched in Europe in year 1896.
A quad is a lightweight vehicle that distinguishes itself from a car on the basis of its weight, speed and size. Likewise, India’s first Quadricycle Qute, weighs less than 450kgs, and is restricted by its maximum speed limit of 70km/hr.
Now it is time we use this next generation micro vehicle on Indian roads, to answer the issues faced by urban public transport.

Qute is the very answer that India is looking for.

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