Different Grades of Quadricycle

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Since the use of 4-wheeler’s, quads have always been a perpetual part, used in various grades of vehicles. Quads have been used not only a vehicle on roads but also as a tourist rental vehicle, racing quadricycles, golf carts, an airport and hotel load carriers and also as a military vehicle.

  1. Airport Carriers:
  2. airport cart
    This load carrier used in airports, helps transfer the passenger bags from the port to the plane and back once the plane lands to its destination. It comes across as a very effective medium for carrying people and load.

  3. Golf carts:
  4. golf acrt
    Originally crafted to carry two golfers with their golf kits. This 4-wheeler is used to travel around the golf course, which takes less effort than walking. It is a small yet an effective vehicle with capabilities to maneuver with ease over uneven surfaces of a golf course.

  5. Hotel Carriage Carts:
  6. hotel carriage
    The main purpose of this type of quad is to transfer the load and bags, to and fro the hotels. It also helps the in-house guests travel through the hotel, thus helping in easy maneuverability. With less weight and over all size, it takes less space to park making these carts more convenient.

  7. Racing car ATV:
  8. racing quad
    All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are also called quads or quad bikes. They generally have a single seat system to travel on four low-pressure tires. The steering is done with a handle bar control system. They are best known for their stability in coarse terrains like sand dunes, mud tracks or even snow hills.

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