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A heavy quadri-mobile that is exclusively designed for passenger transport or utility purpose, the L7e-C has a maximum power ≤ 15 kW. Quadricycles are also defined by the restricted weight of under 450kgs.

All this results in making Quadricycles less polluting. Wondering how? Consider a small car weighing 1100kg carrying a person weighing 70kg. The net weight it carries while travelling from one point to the next is 1170kg. This weight determines the amount of fuel burnt and CO2 emitted by the vehicle.

The greater the net weight, the more is the fuel burnt, and hence more CO2 emissions. It is indeed an irony that for carrying a weight of 70kg (1 individual), we burn fuel that is commensurate to carrying a weight of 1170 Kg (17 individuals) and burden the environment

Quadricycles are simple, efficient & serve the commuting purpose, without disturbing the eco-system any further. They are designed specifically for intra-city travel.

Quadricycles are indeed an environment friendly mode of transport.
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    yes I am a supporter…. I support QUTE MODEL COZ ITS REALLY CUTE N ECO- FRIENDLY…

  2. Mohan Nadkarny

    If you are aiming to reduce air pollution in metros, please come out with battery operated version of QUTE! People will certainly push your product.

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