Different Names

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Vehicle with many names A thought-provoking questionthat we may ask ourselves with this growing buzz around town, What is a Quadricycle? Is it a Quad or Quadracycle? What is the correct way to pronounce it? It is okay if you … Continued

The Evolution

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Quadricycle to Qute! From the very primitive version of a quadricycle that was merely an improved form of a carriage with 4-wheel sand was moved on paddles. As evolution took its toll, in 1893 learning from the complexities of a … Continued

Different Grades of Quadricycle

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Since the use of 4-wheeler’s, quads have always been a perpetual part, used in various grades of vehicles. Quads have been used not only a vehicle on roads but also as a tourist rental vehicle, racing quadricycles, golf carts, an … Continued

Breathe cleaner air!

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A heavy quadri-mobile that is exclusively designed for passenger transport or utility purpose, the L7e-C has a maximum power ≤ 15 kW. Quadricycles are also defined by the restricted weight of under 450kgs. All this results in making Quadricycles less … Continued

Speed thrills but kills!

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The L7e category of quadricycles, are designed to have a restricted maximum speed ≤ 85 km/h and an enclosed passenger compartment. The vehicle mass of a quadricycle is almost 40% lower than a typical small car. The combination of limited … Continued

Light Weight and nimble!

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Le7 category Quadricycles are defined by restricted weight that is not more than 450kg, excluding the mass of the batteries in case of electric vehicles. Restricted weight helps in the following ways: Less weight results in less impact on collision … Continued